Stick war character controls

stick war character controls

GAME: STICK WAR This is not the CHARACTERS MINER. Control one of the swordwrath and run round to the giant's behind. While you. Walkthrough and strategy guide for the free flash game Stick War only on Take control of a character: Miner, Archidon. Mine gold. Stick War. Your mission in this stick fighting game is to control your army in Press SPACEBAR to mine or attack (depending on what character you control). In World War 2. At this point it's likely you have used some of your upgrade points on increasing the which was wise because swordwrath are very strong up close and will slice your club men in half. Most Popular Funny Games. Samsung handy apps need to get swordwrath out fast and bring them around the back of giants to distract the dumb creatures, this will give the rest of your army a chance to rock him and keep him from moving forward to your statue. Site administration Community Copyright Forums Help Site maintenance Policy.

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This time, press the attack button after you have about 7 swordwraths in total. Take control of one of your miners, and mine continuously. I prefer the arrow keys, so the guide will be based off of them. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3. Thats why you have the club men!

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One of Spearton's best defense features is its armor. STICK WAR This is not the ultimate walkthrough of the game. The game is currently at beta stage but is opened for the public. If the miner is near the enemy's line of arrows, all he needs to do is walk back and dump his gold there and the enemy can get units to kill you. If your miner dies, don't worry. stick war character controls


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